7 Amazing Facts about Coffee| Bonus: Weight loss Booster Recipe

Weight loss booster coffee recipe, 7 amazing facts, Zero carb drink, diabetes friendly, activates brown adipose tissue(BAT).

Coffee is still the best and most popular hot drink out there even sometimes cold coffee.

The most astonishing info about coffee is that about 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed everyday worldwide. 

1. It Boosts Brain Power

Coffee with sugar can boost your brain power and make your brain work far better than for a while. Because coffee and glucose combination activates certain parts of the brain.

The main component of coffee is caffeine which is considered a stimulant to our central nervous system.

This activity triggers the hormone adrenaline to be released.  Adrenaline is a stress hormone.

Adrenaline raises heart rate and blood pressure, dilates breathing tubes, and releases more sugar into the bloodstream for energy. 

It can assist boost attention and concentration depending on the amount consumed. Never drink Coffee in an empty stomach to avoid the negative side effects.

2. Coffee Increases Blood Pressure

We know that hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious health issue. As coffee increases blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor to know if you should stop or limit coffee for ever.

If you are habituated with coffee, stop drinking coffee two days before you are going to have a blood pressure test.

On the other hand, if you have been suffering from lower blood pressure a small cup of coffee can help you to balance and manage your blood pressure.

3. Immune System Booster

Beside the main component caffeine, coffee is rich in valuable nutrients and other chemicals which helps to boost the immune system. 

A study found that because of its immune boosting characteristic, coffee decreases the risk of premature death. 

Besides this Coffee has a lot of antioxidants and phenolic compounds which play an important role in preventing cancer. A small cup of coffee can  improve heart health, liver and your digestive system.

According to a new analysis from the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, frequent coffee consumption may help reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, especially in men.

Try to drink organic natural freshly ground coffee and avoid instant coffee. Instant coffee does not have enough nutrients 

4. Coffee relieves Headache

Coffee can help to cure headaches and migraines.

Caffeine has vasoconstrictive effects. It reduces blood flow by compressing blood vessels. Caffeine relieves headache in that way.

There are many painkiller manufacturers in the market that are using Caffeine in their painkiller reliever medicine.

Caffeine can increase the effectiveness and strength of the painkiller by 40%. It is also effective to the same extent if someone takes a painkiller and drinks a cup of coffee after 5 minutes.

5. Coffee Reduces Stress and Depression

Caffeine has been shown to block the adenosine receptors in the brain. 

Researchers found that the adenosine receptors also control the harmful effects of chronic stress. Blocking the receptors can stop stress-induced behavior.

Coffee helps to reduce stress by increasing the level of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is associated with feelings of happiness and dopamine is associated with feelings of rewards, motivation, and being productive.

Men and women who drink two to four cups of coffee each day appear to have a 50% lower risk of suicide.

Caffeine is also one of the most popular central nervous system stimulants, which helps to keep depression away from you.

Surprisingly, only the caffeine in coffee has this effect, whereas caffeine in tea, soda, or chocolate does not stimulate the central nervous system as coffee does.

6. Coffee Improves Memory

Coffee has the ability to improve mood as well as attentiveness and memory. 

Coffee’s stimulants and neuro mediators. It not only improves your mood and productivity, but they also help to modulate short term memory. 

Because all the information primarily is stored in our short- term memory. After a few hours the information enters into our long term memory under particular circumstances.

But recent research done by Johns Hopkins University indicates that caffeine might help with long-term memory.

The subjects who participated in the study were given 200mg of caffeine tablets after studying a bunch of photos and  they performed better the next day when evaluated on the same images.

“We’ve always known that caffeine has cognitive-enhancing properties, but its specific effects on memory strengthening and forgetting resistance have never been studied in humans.” said senior author Michael Yassa, an assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

After a long work period when it is difficult to concentrate and things go wrong, a coffee can give you a complete new start with enhanced mood and memory recharge.

7. Coffee Helps to lose your weight

Coffee helps to lose weight. Coffee can temporarily reduce your hunger and stimulate the calorie burning power.

Coffee can change some specific hormone levels in your body. When leptin hormone is low in your body, your body starts storing fat and you gain weight as a result. But coffee can increase the level of leptin hormone in your body.

That is the reason coffee lovers don’t really gain weight, at least not so easily. 

If you take a cup of coffee before you go to your morning exercise, you will not feel lazy and gain an extra energy boost for your exercise. You will not feel hungry.

Don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach. Drink half or one glass of water before you drink coffee in the early morning.

Furthermore, recent research discovered that caffeine in coffee stimulates a fatty tissue in our body named Brown Adipose Tissue(BAT). 

BAT has more mitochondria than other fatty tissue in our body. It gets activated and produces energy using our extra body fat and we lose eight.

One study determined that 8-ounce (240-mL) cups of coffee can improve BAT activity in the body, which leads to a faster metabolic rate and weight reduction.

Amazing Recipe 1: Coffee cocktail 

There are many amazing things you can do with coffee. If you want something sweet with your milk this cocktail recipe is for you. 

Preparation process:

Make your coffee with sugar or black coffee, pour it into an ice cube tray and place it into the freezer. When it is a hot day in the summer, put a coffee cube into a glass/cup of milk and enjoy your coffee cocktail and feel wonderful, energetic and refreshed all day.

Amazing Recipe 2: Weight loss booster coffee

Definitely coffee has weight loss properties in the natural way. 

Research shows that just 4 cups of coffee can shed some body fat. But how long the weight loss process will take is uncertain. 
Here is a Weight loss booster coffee recipe video presentation. Click to watch the Video presentation.

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