Why don’t diets work?

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes a barrage of diet-related messages. We make resolutions to “eat clean,” “cut out sweets,” or “drop x number of pounds.” By January 31st, we were exhausted, frustrated, and unable to “stick with it.”

So, why do diets fail time and time again? The good news is that it isn’t you who is to blame. Dieting goes against our bodies’ natural mechanisms for surviving a starvation. Every time you start a new diet, you’re fighting primitive biology. Let’s take a look at some of the diet’s problems.

Dieters gain weight again

Diets cause weight gain in the long run. When we diet, our bodies get the message that we aren’t getting enough energy. Signals are sent out that instruct our bodies to do everything possible to hold on to and conserve energy in order to prevent more weight loss by slowing down our metabolism. Periods of dieting and rebounding can lead to weight increase even above one’s pre-dieting weight over time, as evidenced by the “weight-loss plateau.” As a result, one’s natural “set-point,” or the point at which one’s body feels most at ease, increases.

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