Does eating dinner before bed cause weight gain?

Calories do not count for more at night physiologically.
If you eat within your daily calorie demands, you won’t gain weight by just eating later.

Despite this, studies suggest that nocturnal diners make inferior meal choices and consume more calories, perhaps leading to weight gain.

Choose nutrient-dense foods and low-calorie beverages if you’re hungry after dinner.

To control hunger and avoid late-night cravings, consider eating a higher-calorie breakfast or frequent, short meals throughout the day.

You tamper with your body’s body clock when you eat late. As a result, there is a greater risk of despair and anxiety. Increased blood pressure: Late-night eating and sleeping can contribute to hypertension and diabetes.

There is no physical activities in the night once you go to bed. Therefore there is no way to burn that much calorie. Therefore the unused calories are deposited as fat on the different part of the body.

Heartburn. You may have indigestion or heartburn if you consume a large meal before going to bed. Even if you don’t have indigestion during the day, if you eat a lot and then go to bed right away, laying horizontally might produce acid reflux, which can cause heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and nighttime asthma.

There is no hard and fast rule for when you should stop eating at night, but as a general rule, nutritionists recommend that your last meal should be between one and three hours before bedtime.

This allows your body to digest your food with the energy it has left before it rests, preventing the food from being stored as fat. This could help you avoid issues like nighttime heartburn and even insomnia.

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