What happens when we eat more ?

Well ! It is a very easy calculation by the way.  When we eat more balance of the calorie equation of our body will be broken.

Our weight growth is directly proportional to the number of calories we consume each day, the number of calories we retain in our bodies, and the number of calories we burn each day.

You can maintain a healthy weight if you have a balance between these three parameters and can consistently burn the calories stored in your body.

If you don’t have a balance between these three components, it’s called unhealthy weight growth. That is to say, if you consume more energy than you can burn, you will acquire weight.

Factors that influences the balance of calorie equation are:

—>energy expended as a result of physical activities and

—>When you sleep, you burn energy.

What happens when we consume excess energy ?

Excess energy (calories) is stored in our bodies as fat.
Excess calories are stored in adipose tissue, a type of fat cell found in our bodies.
This is accomplished by either enlarging fat cells or creating new fat cells.

What happens when we burn fat?

When we eat a nutritious diet and burn fewer calories than we consume, the fat cells in our waistlines and bellies shrink.
It is the method by which you lose weight.

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