What homemade drink burns fat?

Obesity is a common problem among Europeans, but it is now spreading rapidly throughout Asia. We all know that the only way to solve the problem is to eat well and exercise regularly. If you want to lose weight without performing a lot of activity or eating a bad diet, try the following homemade drink, which will help you lose weight faster by stimulating your metabolism. There are two kinds of homemade weight loss drinks such as Natural Home made drinks and Detox drinks.

Following homemade drinks can help you lose weight faster than ever before. Let’s look at the components by which prepare the homemade drink given below and follow the step-by-step instructions.

1. Honey and Cinnamon Drink (Natural Home made drinks)

Ingredients : 

250 ml water (1 cup)

½  tsp cinnamon powder

2 tablespoons honey

Procedure for Preparation:

You can buy the ingredients from a local Asian grocery shop or grind it at home. You can lose weight by making this natural homemade drink at home by following the steps outlined below. :.

To begin, take 250 milliliters (1 cup) of boiling water.  Add ½ teaspoon of  cinnamon powder in the boiling water, stir well with a spoon, cover the cup well and allow the drink to cool until it gets warm. When the drink becomes lukewarm then add 2 teaspoons of raw honey with the drink and stir well.

How to use the drink :  Consume half of the drink before going to bed and another half will be consumed early in the morning before breakfast. Continue these drinks for 7 days and you will get a positive result.


If you want to lose weight without doing a lot of physical labour or eating an unhealthy diet, try the above homemade drink, which can stimulate your metabolism and speed up the weight reduction process. Cinnamon can aid weight loss by reducing hunger, controlling blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and speeding up your metabolism. It also aids in the prevention of stomach ulcers and the spread of malignant cells, as well as the treatment of bacterial infections. It’s also helpful for heart disease or type 2 diabetes patients. Cinnamon aids weight loss by controlling insulin levels. It contains necessary vitamins that help to accelerate your metabolism. It causes the stomach to take longer to empty, causing you to eat less. Honey is an important weight-loss substance. The cinnamon and honey combination is essential for controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

2. Lemon and Honey Drink(Natural Home made drinks)

Ingredients are as follows:

 1 mug of hot water

 a lemon’s half

 1 teaspoon honey

 Procedure for Preparation:

To begin, take a glass of warm water. 1 tsp honey should be added and mixed well. Slice the lemon and place it in the heated water, combination and stir thoroughly.

How to use the drink : On an empty stomach, drink this natural honey lemon warm water mixture 20 minutes before breakfast. Drinking this combo 20 or 30 minutes before breakfast on a regular basis will help you lose weight gradually. Only drink this concoction once a day.


When consumed consistently and correctly, this drink aids in appropriate digestion and avoids bloating and the accumulation of body fat. We expect a response in 1 to 3 months.

 Honey is an important weight-loss substance. The lemon and honey combination is essential for controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

3. Cucumber and Grapefruit Drink (Natural Home made Detox drinks)

Ingredients are as follows:

250 ml water (1 cup)

1 table spoon of grapefruit

1 cucumber

Procedure for Preparation:

First wash the grapefruit and cucumber thoroughly in water. Chop the cucumber. Now take a blender and add water into it. Put he chopped cucumber and grapefruit into water and blend the ingredients smoothly. Take the drink in a glass and put it in fridge to a bit cool.

How to use the drink : To get a better results, it is recommend that, take this drink about 4-5 times a day.


Because grapefruit is high in the AMP-activated protein kinase enzyme, this combination makes one of the greatest DIY weight reduction drinks.

This enzyme improves sugar absorption in the body. As a result, the enzyme aids in calorie burning and increases metabolic rate. Grapefruit also helps to keep the body hydrated.

Cucumber also has anti-diuretic properties, which cause urination and liver detoxification. Cucumber, as a result, aids in the removal of toxins and calories, as well as the prevention of water retention.

This drink will aid in the elimination of excess calories and toxins from the body. The purpose of keeping the drink cold is to stimulate the metabolic process, which produces heat and hence aids weight reduction.

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