Why does your vision goes blurry, starry, black, or white when you exert yourself?

It is dependent on the nature of your symptoms. Here’s what’s typical: Seeing spots when performing full-body weightlifting maneuvers like deadlifts or cleans. According to Holland, changing your body position from low to high produces blood pressure changes and forces your heart to pump more blood to the brain. For a brief moment, you may see stars when the transition takes place. It’s similar to what happens when you stand up after a lengthy period of sitting, and it’s usually safe.

If your eyesight turns completely white or black, especially if it’s accompanied by other symptoms, that’s not normal. “One of the symptoms that you should see your doctor is if you have visual problems, dizziness, or fainting,” Pescatello tells Yahoo Health. “I wouldn’t recommend continuing your fitness routine until you have done so.”

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