7 Surprising Constipation Home Remedies Recipe,Usage

Constipation home remedies, 100% Natural process, Stomach detoxification process, Easy to prepare at home, No side effects.

Among people of all ages constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem. We sometimes suffer from constipation in our daily life which directly or indirectly has a serious impact on our overall health like mood, skin, stamina, quality of life style.

Following  home remedy can help you to get rid of constipation :

Constipation Home Remedies

Home Remedy- 1


  • Sweet dried plums (prunes) 50 grams (approximately 5 to 6 prunes) 
  • Food grade (medicinal)  castor oils 1 teaspoon
  • Boiling water ¼  cup

Preparation Process

First,  put 50 grams of dry plums (prunes) in a bowl. Pour 1 teaspoon of castor oil into it. Now pour ½  cup of boiling water in the bowl and soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, mash it inside the water and remove the seeds.

Now it is ready to eat. You can store this in your fridge for around three to four days.

How to consume

To get rid of constipation, consume  it one teaspoon every night before going to bed for 3 days.

In the same way you can use this method occasionally. However, keep your food list simple and moderate during this process and avoid raw vegetables and fruits, even eating anything uncooked.

Caution : Women who are pregnant and children under 6 years of age should not use this home remedy.

Castor oil and prunes are both laxatives. If a thin stool starts, it should be stopped immediately and see your doctor.

How does dried plums (prunes) help to treat Constipation?

Ripe dry plums are very useful in the care of the digestive system. It contains at least 50 percent sugar as fiber. The fiber or dietary fiber present in it relieves constipation. 

It also has a role in cleansing the constipation due to its natural pectin. This is because pectin can make gels on its own in the digestive tract.

Prunes’ most well-known benefit is their laxative action. Consuming prunes help to activate the digestive system  and shorten the time between bowel movements. 

This effect could be caused by the fruit’s high fiber content and high quantities of sorbitol, a known laxative.

In addition, studies have shown that a type of harmful bacterium called ‘pylori’ is largely responsible for acidity and gastric ulcers in the home today. 

Due to its antibacterial properties, plums have been shown to be quite effective against these bacteria.

Throughout the ages, dried plum tea has been drunk in China for its anti-inflammatory properties. Nutritionists believe that fresh plums can also relieve inflammation.

How does Castor Oils help to treat Constipation?

Castor oil is obtained by pressing castor beans. It’s a laxative stimulant used to treat constipation. It can also be used to flush the intestines prior to a bowel inspection or surgery.

Stimulant laxative induces the intestine to move, compress, and contract more forcefully than usual, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. It helps the stool to come out by boosting the motility of the intestines.

This means that drinking the oil encourages the bowel to move around more. The stool is more likely to travel through the intestine and out of the rectum as a result of the increased mobility.

Using stimulant laxatives for excessive periods may eventually cause the bowel muscles to stop working properly.

For this reason, use castor oil as constipation reliever in small amounts. Instead, try using other natural ingredients to soften the stool, such as olive oil.

Although castor oil can relieve constipation, it can also cause nausea and vomiting as a side effect.

Those who use castor oil for constipation should be cautious, as it is possibly they will have to become nauseous.

To get better results to treat constipation, consume one spoonful of food grade (medicinal) castor oil before bedtime for three nights in a row. Repeat this process once every three months. 

However, limit your food consumption low and simple at this time, and avoid raw vegetables and fruits.

Caution: Those who use castor oil for constipation should be cautious, as it is possible they will have to become nauseous.

If you notice any allergic symptoms, it should be stopped immediately and consult your doctor.

Home remedy – 2

The fruit or leaf of the senna plant is known as senna. Senna leaf is a very beneficial herb. The name of senna leaf comes first to cure various diseases as well as to overcome the problem of constipation.

It is an over-the-counter laxative that has been approved by the WHO and also FDA. It’s used to relieve constipation and to empty the bowels before a colonoscopy or surgery.

Since senna leaf powder is more effective, it is better to eat natural senna leaf powder to treat constipation. How to use senna leaf powder to relieve constipation is described below:


  • Senna leaf powder ½ teaspoon
  • Hot water 1 cup

How to consume senna leaf

Mix half a teaspoon of senna leaf powder in a cup of hot water and stir thoroughly. Consume it after 5 minutes before going to bed at night.

Senna leaf powder can also be eaten with tea.

How does senna leaf help to treat constipation

It is worth mentioning that, senna leaf has many benefits. Senna leaf is very useful in relieving constipation. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, it is called the medicine for constipation.

Senna leaf is very useful in relieving constipation. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, it is called the medicine for constipation.

The anthrax present in the senna leaf acts as a laxative and keeps the digestive process active. This stimulates the circulation of the colon. As a result, stools are expelled from the bowel in a very short time and very easily.

Apart from this, senna leaf can be used for the following benefits :

  • Regular consumption reduces body weight and appetite
  • Helps to control high blood pressure
  • Senna leaf acts as a dewormer
  • Senna leaf act as an antidote of haemorrhoids
  • Solves various skin problems

Caution : Senna  leaf should not be eaten if you have diarrhoea or any other intestinal disease (such as intestinal inflammation, ulcers, etc.).

It is also forbidden to eat senna leaf for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers, the older person, children and the weak people.

Stay around the bathroom for 5 hours while eating senna leaf and do not eat senna leaf more than two or three days in a week.

Source: To get the proper benefits from senna leaf, rely on natural senna leaves available in Asian Grocery Shop/Super Store.

Home Remedy – 3

Tamarind is rich in malic, tartaric and potassium acid. These acids act as very good laxative and this laxative property are highly useful for treating constipation.


  • Tamarind paste or pulp 1 tablespoon (preferably old tamarind)
  • Jaggery ½ cup
  • Water 2 cups

Preparation Process

First take 2 cups of water in a saucepan and pour one tablespoon of tamarind paste/pulp and ½ cup of jaggery in the saucepan respectively. Then mix those items smoothly.

Now put the saucepan on the gas stove and boil it for about 10 minutes until it becomes thick like syrup. Remove the saucepan from the gas stove and allow it to be cool. 

Take this syrup into a glass bottle and store this in the refrigerator.

How to Consume

Consume ½ tablespoon every night before going to bed. When your stool becomes soft and normal then stop eating.
Caution : If a thin stool starts it should be stopped immediately and consult your doctor.

Home Remedy – 4


  • Chia Seeds   – 2 teaspoon
  • Grind Flax Seeds – 2 teaspoon 

How to Consume

In a glass of water, take 2 teaspoons of chia seeds and 2 teaspoons of grind flax seeds.

Stir thoroughly and consume it quickly as the first thing in the morning on an empty  stomach.

In the same way, consume it before going to bed at night.

How does chia seeds help to treat constipation

Chia seeds have abundant insoluble fiber, which stay you fuller for longer time and increase stool to prevent constipation, according to the American Society for Nutrition. They also provide healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants that protect cells.

Chia seeds contain quercetin, an antioxidant that can help you avoid a variety of illnesses, including heart disease.

The seeds are also rich in fiber, which can help lower high  blood pressure and, as a result, reduce your risk of heart disease.

How does flax seeds help to treat constipation

Flaxseed has been shown to be an efficient laxative in studies. Within 12 to 24 hours of consuming flaxseed, you will find the results of losing your stool.To assist relieve constipation, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Whole chia seeds may be found at most grocery and bulk food stores. You can also purchase them from online shops.

Home Remedy – 5


  • Light Hot Milk – 1 glass
  • Isabgol Husk  –  2 teaspoonful

Preparation Process

Take 1 glass of light hot milk and then mix 2 teaspoons of isabgol husk with milk and mix well with a spoon. Wait for 15 minutes to allow them to absorb smoothly.

How to Consume

Eat this milk and isabgol combination before going to bed at night. 

Your toilet will be clear within 5 minutes to 1 hour after you eat isabgol husk with hot milk. Continue this process until your stool becomes soft.

And if your toilet problem is complicated, then you will wake up in the morning and have a clean toilet.

Home Remedy – 6


  • Apple Cider Vinegar   –  1 tablespoon
  • Warm Water               –   1 cup

Preparation Process

Take one cup of warm water in a glass and pour one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into the glass and mix well. Now it is ready to consume.

How to Consume

To get rid of constipation, consume the mixture early in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed at night.

How does apple cider vinegar help to treat constipation

Apple cider vinegar rich in pectin, which is a water-soluble fiber and it aids digestion and bowel movements.

This pectin makes the mixture  an excellent natural constipation remedy.

Caution : Due to the high content of acidity in apple cider vinegar, it can harm your teeth, damage your throat and even upset your stomach also, if you consume it raw and  in excess amounts.

Home Remedy – 7


  • Baking Soda Powder – 1 tablespoon
  • Lukewarm Water        – 1 glass

Preparation Process

In a glass of water mix one tablespoon of baking soda powder and stair well.

How to Consume

Consume this mixture in an empty stomach early in the morning and at night. It digests food in a short time.

How does baking soda powder help to treat constipation

Constipation can be relieved by using baking soda. It removes gas, helps alleviate heartburn and aids digestion. It is safe for children, adults, and seniors and has no adverse effects.

Caution: If you notice any allergic symptoms it should be stopped immediately and consult with your doctor.

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