Does walking reduce belly fat?

Walking is very easy exercise. Anyone can do it anytime to lose some weight without stressing the body. It does not need any instrument.

Belly fat is a big problem. You have belly fat which means you have a high possibility of having high cholesterol, inflammation, heart disease, stroke and diabetes in the future.

After reading this article you will learn:

  • What specialists are saying about belly fat?
  • How to walk to lose belly fat effectively?
  • How hours do you need to walk to lose 600 calories everyday?

What the specialists are saying?

Dr. Paul Poirier is a researcher at Laval University’s Institute of Cardiology in Quebec, Canada. In the same edition of the magazine, he also wrote an accompanying editorial. “Belly fat is harmful fat,” says Dr. Paul Poirier.

“Having belly fat is a lot worse than having the same amount of fat around the hip,” Poirier said. 

“It’s horrible if your weight is regular but you have weight around your midsection. Obesity is defined as a belly circumference of more than 40 inches for males and 34 inches for women [even if your weight measures are normal] “Poirier explained.

Surprisingly, research have found that strenuous exercise isn’t required to obtain health advantages.

Regular, brisk walks have been demonstrated to lower overall body fat and fat around the stomach.

How to walk to lose belly fat effectively?

If you want to lose belly fat you should consider two important things.

  • Heart rate measurement
  • Duration of walking

Heart rate measurement

To burn belly fat in an effective way,walking in the correct heart rate zone is important. If you can walk in a heart rate zone of roughly 60%-70% of your maximum heart rate, you can burn 7-12 calories per minute. 

Now the question is how can you calculate your maximum heart rate? It is easy indeed. 

You can do it by subtracting your age from 220 and the result is your maximum heart rate. To obtain 60% of maximum heart rate, multiply the result by 0.6. 

The final result is a number of heart beats per minute you have to maintain when you walk to lose 7-12 calories per minute.

For example,  if you are a person of 30 years old , your maximum heart rate is 190 .So, 60% of 190 beats per minute (bpm) is around 114 bpm. 

That means the person should maintain 114 bpm to lose 7-12 calories per minute.

Duration of walking

The next thing you have to take in mind is the duration of walking. Make sure that the duration is at least 1 hour. 

When you start walking your body will start burning with the carbs and sugar stored in you body. Once they are burned the body will start burning the fat stored in your body especially belly fat more efficiently as the walking duration increases accordingly. 

Once you start increasing the walking duration, your metabolism increases and your fat burning speed increases accordingly.

Walking for 30–40 minutes each day (about 7,500 steps) has been related to a considerable reduction in harmful stomach fat and a smaller waistline.

To promote general health and minimize the risk of chronic illness, the World Health Organization and the National Heart Foundation of Australia recommend 10,000 steps (about eight kilometers) every day.

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