Golden Milk Weight loss Drink | Recipe | Benefits | FAQs

Aids in weight loss,reduction of inflammation and joint pain, antioxidants, help with memory and brain function,lower blood sugar levels.

Ingredients :

→ 2 cup liquid milk

→ ¾ tablespoons turmeric powder

→ ½  tsp black pepper powder

→ ½  inch cinnamon stick

→ 1 inch ginger, grated

→ 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

→ 1 teaspoon honey

Preparation Process

To prepare the drink, first take a saucepan. Pour 2 cup liquid milk in the saucepan. Then add ¾ tablespoons turmeric powder, ½ tsp pepper crushed, ½  inch cinnamon stick,  1 inch grated ginger and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil respectively. Mix well the whole ingredients with a beater. Put the saucepan on a gas stove and let it boil on low flame for 5 minutes. Turn off the gas stove and filter the mixture into a mug. Now cool slightly and at last mix 1 tsp honey  and mix well again. The drink is ready for use.

How to use

Consuming this drink daily early in the morning will provide you with weight loss benefits and strength of starting your day. And consuming before going to bed at night will help you to lose weight and a better sleep as well. Directly after exercise appears to be the optimal time to consume this drink to encourage muscle building and weight loss.

Benefits :

  1. Antioxidants are abundant in key ingredients.
  2. May aid in the reduction of inflammation and joint pain.
  3. It’s possible that it’ll help with memory and brain function.

4. Turmeric’s curcumin may help you feel better.

5. It’s possible that it will protect you from heart disease.

6. It’s possible that it’ll help to lower blood sugar levels.

7. It Has the Potential to Lower Your Cancer Risk.

8. The key constituents of golden milk, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, all have qualities that may help heart function and protect against heart disease. More research is needed to corroborate these findings.

Turmeric milk has proven to be one of the most effective home treatments for boosting overall immunity. Drinking a cup of turmeric milk in the morning or right before bedtime can help prevent colds and flu.

Before consuming this drink we should know the benefits of the ingredients inside it.

Milk : Milk’s high protein content may help with weight loss and muscular growth and that benefits our health.

Protein-rich foods, such as milk, can help you lose weight by increasing satiety after meals, which can lead to a decreased daily calorie intake.

Moreover, consuming milk after a workout promotes muscular growth and a healthier body composition.

Directly after exercise appears to be the optimal time to drink milk to encourage muscle building and weight loss.

Keep in mind, however, that drinking a lot of milk might lead to weight gain due to the high calorie content.

Turmeric : Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Animal studies suggest that this ingredient may help you lose weight, inhibit fat tissue growth, prevent weight gain, and improve your insulin sensitivity.

Black pepper and turmeric combination : Due to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and disease-fighting properties, curcumin in turmeric and piperine in black pepper have been found to benefit health.

Cinnamon : Cinnamon can aid weight loss by reducing hunger, controlling blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and speeding up your metabolism. It also aids in the prevention of stomach ulcers and the spread of malignant cells, as well as the treatment of bacterial infections. It’s also helpful for heart disease or type 2 diabetes patients. Cinnamon aids weight loss by controlling insulin levels. It contains necessary vitamins that help to accelerate your metabolism. It causes the stomach to take longer to empty, causing you to eat less.

Honey : Honey functions as a fuel for the liver, causing it to create glucose. This glucose maintains the brain’s sugar levels high, forcing fat-burning chemicals to be released. We all have trouble losing weight because we eat too much sugar and processed foods. When we eat honey, our bodies start to burn more fat. When you take it a step further and replace sugar with honey, you’re re-balancing the brain signal that makes you crave sweets.

Ginger : Ginger has been shown in certain trials to help people lose weight. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are found in ginger compounds. They may aid in fat burning and blood sugar regulation.

However, the evidence for ginger’s weight-loss impact is minimal, necessitating greater research into its qualities.

Ginger is simple to incorporate into one’s diet, either as a tea or in recipes. Ginger can also be taken as a supplement in the form of a capsule. This may help to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal side effects including heartburn.

Before consuming ginger, people should inform their doctor if they are on medicine for a health problem or are considering surgery.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil isn’t the miracle weight-loss component that it’s made out to be, and additional research into its ability to stimulate fat reduction and sensations of fullness is needed.

Despite the fact that it does not aid weight reduction, it is a healthy fat that may be included in a well-balanced diet and used for a variety of other purposes.

It’s worth noting, however, that coconut oil, like all fats, is heavy in calories. Use it in moderate amounts to enhance the flavor of your foods while keeping your calorie consumption in check when trying to lose weight.

In general, rather than focusing on particular ingredients to lose weight, it’s better to focus on the overall quality of your diet by eating entire, nutrient-dense foods and exercising portion control.


What happens if you drink turmeric milk everyday?

Turmeric, which is rich in natural goodness, has some remarkable antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-allergic characteristics that aid in the prevention and treatment of a variety of disorders. In fact, a daily dose of turmeric and hot milk helps prevent a variety of ailments.

Is there any side effects of turmeric milk?

Turmeric does not normally have any negative side effects, although it can cause stomach trouble, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea in some people. A guy who took very large doses of turmeric, over 1500 mg twice daily, had a severe irregular cardiac rhythm, according to one report.

Is it OK to drink turmeric milk every night?

A cup of turmeric milk in the evening can be especially good for persons who have trouble sleeping. It can assist you in getting a good night’s sleep. Drinking a cup of turmeric milk before bedtime can help people who wake up frequently to go to the bathroom.

Who should not drink turmeric milk?

Bleeding problems
People with blood issues, such as those who take blood thinners or who frequently experience nasal bleeding, should exercise caution when eating turmeric milk.

Can I drink turmeric milk in empty stomach?

Drinking a glass of turmeric milk on an empty stomach in the morning or right before bed will help you stay healthy by boosting your immune system and fighting infections.

Is Turmeric bad for your kidneys?

Turmeric contains oxalates, which can raise your chances of developing kidney stones. “Urinary oxalate levels can be dramatically increased by taking supplemental dosages of turmeric, increasing the risk of kidney stone development in susceptible individuals.”

Can turmeric burn belly fat?

Weight loss and turmeric : Animal studies suggest that this compound may help you lose weight, inhibit fat tissue growth, prevent weight gain, and improve your insulin sensitivity.

Does turmeric help you poop?

Human participants with IBS who took 2 turmeric tablets every day for 8 weeks experienced less abdominal discomfort and improved bowel movement patterns, according to a pilot study done in 2004.

Human participants with IBS who took 2 turmeric tablets every day for 8 weeks experienced less abdominal discomfort and improved bowel movement patterns, according to a pilot study done in 2004.

Who shouldn’t eat turmeric?

Turmeric in high doses may thin the blood, which, when combined with prescribed anticoagulants, may raise the risk of serious bleeding. Turmeric supplements should not be taken by anyone who have liver or bile duct disorders because they can increase bile output. Turmeric should be safe to use in cooking.

Does turmeric cleanse the liver?

While certain common ingredients in liver cleanses have proved to be beneficial — milk thistle has been found to reduce liver inflammation, and turmeric extract has been shown to protect against liver injury — there isn’t enough scientific trial data in people to support their usage on a regular basis.

Can turmeric help fatty liver?

Turmeric has shown powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antifibrotic capabilities in vitro and animal tests, as well as insulin sensitizing effects. As a result, it could be useful in the treatment of NAFLD patients.

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