What are the negative effects of honey?

Honey is regarded as a gift from nature, having several health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and helps wounds heal faster.

Honey, on the other hand, has a few negative side effects that can be very troublesome if not consumed in the right dose or in the right way. As a result, honey should always be consumed in moderation, with only a small amount introduced into our diet.

6 Common Side Effects of Honey :

  1. Botulism in children : When a baby is exposed to Botulism spores, he or she develops infant botulism. These are constipation, floppy muscular movements, inability to hold their head, and weakness are all symptoms of infant botulism.

2. Decay of the teeth : Honey includes sugar, which feeds the microorganisms that live in your gums. It becomes stuck to your teeth if you don’t rinse it properly after you eat honey.

3. Blood Glucose Levels Are Raised : Honey acts as an anti-diabetic agent when consumed in a restricted small amount. It surges the blood sugar level if taken in a high quantity. Honey contains a high level of sugar that will ultimately increase of blood glucose.

4. Boosts Weight Gain : Honey is often taken with water to lose weight or is used as a substitute for sugar. One tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories. So, consuming honey in a large quantity can add to the calorie intake, as a result may increase weight.

5. May Cause Allergy : People who are allergic to pollen grains and spores often show a reaction to honey too. This is very common as honey is processed from these pollen grains. It includes microscopic pollen and spore particles that can cause allergic reactions.

6. Food Poisoning May Occur : If honey is pure and not processed, then the microbes can thrive in it. Spore forming bacteria in the honey can cause allergy and itching reactions. Yeast and bacterial colonies growing in the honey can sometimes result in bacterial reaction the gut that might occur food poisoning and diarrhoea.

Beside the above, following side effect may occur :

–>Asthma symptoms such as wheezing.

–>Feeling dizzy.

–>Nausea is a feeling of nausea.



–>Perspiration that is excessive.


–>Heart beats that aren’t regular (arrhythmias)


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